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        Dedicates to the research,development,manufacturing and marketing of sodium methoxycellulose(CMC).

      Special specifications CMC

      The physical properties of the power source of CMC
      CMC Is an anionic linear polymer material, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, and is usually white or slightly yellow powder. The preparation process of the solvent method and water-borne law, the solvent method is suitable for the preparation
      of high-grade CMC, the CMC of the water-borne method is suitable for the preparation of medium and low.
      The water is CMC's best common solvent, is related to the CMC dispersion in water solubility and its Degree of substitution and molecular weight. The degree of substitution greater than 0.4 when a very good solubility in water. CMC heating and good mixing conditions can be soluble in glycerol, soluble in the presence of a small amount of water.
      CMC is a highly hydrophilic polymer material, has a good Hygroscopicity, the equilibrium moisture content with increasing products
      (Liyuan)CMC Biological properties
      Typically, water-soluble cellulose derivatives susceptible to microbial invasion, microbial degradation of the first signs
      of its Water solventViscosity lower. Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose moisture content <10%, general store, less susceptible to microbial invasion. Of course, high-quality raw materials, excellent preparation process is the guarantee of product quality. "Power source" the CMC to take a unique process, the process of caustic alkali, oxidizing agents, organic solvents in the production system, inhibition of microbial contamination, the final product is essentially sterile.
      (Power source) the nature of the CMC Toxicology
      Refined products CMC toxicological properties have been measured and studied, and to expand the test to evaluate their safety as food additives by the review have been classified as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) materials into the United States Federal Code.
      CMC With excellent thickening, emulsification, dispersion, stability, shaping, etc., which is widely used in food, oil exploration, paper, detergents, construction, ceramics, tobacco, toothpaste, textile, welding, battery and other industries,won the praise of users.

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